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THE TRIPLEC.MEDIA COLLECTIVE has provided clients with solutions for their film and digital marketing needs for over 10 years.David and the team within THE TRIPLEC.MEDIA COLLECTIVE bring their expertise to creative projects both locally and around the globe. So, whether it’s your next film, commercial, music video or social media post, you’ve found your home here.

Actual Translation:

Here at THE TRIPLEC.MEDIA COLLECTIVE - we have something unique up our sleeve.We're a team comprised of both highly skilled film industry pros and social media/marketing nerds.We can keep it all in-house. 🏠We can GO BIG, or go BITE SIZE, depending on your needs.We get that not everyone needs a Michael Bay explosion-laden trailer to properly promote their brand. We are here to adapt to the most organic and form-fitting style that matches your mission.We're the outsiders who bring objectivity to the table for you.
We work with you to identify the true strengths, weaknesses, backstory, and value of your brand.
From there, the sky's (currently) the limit. (Spaceship coming soon) 🚀



jeyla mendoza

joaquim pujol

David thompson

matthew stirling

Henry Johnston

Henry Johnston

Dramatic storytelling | Photography | Graphic Design | Experienced Screenwriter

Henry Johnston has worked in the industry since 2012, garnering an appreciation and knowledge of many ins and outs: behind and in front of the camera.Since 2016 he has worked with a number of independent production companies, aiding in the screenwriting and editing process, as well as providing tireless photography and graphic design services.

matthew stirling

Audience Targeting | Design | Field Production | Strategic Communication

Matthew Stirling is a communication specialist for brands across the public and private sectors.After time in the U.S. Army, Matthew moved to Los Angeles and began work as a film producer and cinematographer. He would spend five years refining his craft and making content connecting audiences to high quality brands.His current work spans the globe from Tennessee to Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.Most recently he worked for the National Institute of Standards and Technology while leading startup workstreams in communications and customer relations for the CHIPS act to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the United States.He holds a master's degree from NYU Steinhardt with a thesis on social media influence and artificial intelligence.

jeyla mendoza

Film Production Project Management | PRODUCER | DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER

Jeyla Mendoza is a passionate and experienced film producer, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Jeyla is a graduate of Brooks Institute, where she studied film production, and has been working in the field since 2015.Throughout her career, she has worked on multiple documentaries, feature films, and commercials, including the most recent production "This is Humboldt" (2022).Currently, Jeyla is working on an exciting documentary with Nick Vujicic, which promises to be both moving and inspirational.Her love for the art of film and the production process is evident in her work, and she looks forward to bringing more unique and compelling stories to life
on the screen.

David thompson
Content Production Lead

Concept Development | Film Editing, VFX, Stills & Motion Design | Post Production supervisor

David's roots begin in the Ojai Valley, CA. During his time working in the film industry in and around Los Angeles, David called the town of Ojai, CA his home for many years.David has worked on a wide variety of content while wearing a variety of “hats” in the film industry (Visual Effects Artist, Film Editor, VFX Editor, Assistant Editor, Dailies Operator, Colorist)David has worked on Marvel films (Black Panther, Venom 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp), Music Videos (Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Travis Scott) and multiple Independent Features/Documentaries, to name a few.After writing, producing and directing his short film “Long Distance” in 2019 and his feature film,“OJAI” in 2020, David began taking on multiple remote post-production jobs, and soon realized that he could work for Hollywood and his freelance clients while living literally anywhere in the country.So, he chose Bristol, Virginia.The move not only brought David closer to his East Coast friends, family and industry connections, but it allowed for him to branch out from his hometown and share his expertise with an even greater clientele.These days, he's able to bring his diverse skillset to creative and commercial projects both locally and around the globe with the help of his team.

joaquim pujol

Artistic Visual Storytelling | Fine Art Photography | Cinematography

Joaquim Adrià Pujol is a filmmaker and fine art photographer living and working in Los Angeles.He earned his BA from Brooks Institute of Film in 2017 and has worked in the film industry ever since, both locally and
Storytelling through images takes many forms, through motion picture, static prints or multimedia pieces.Joaquim believes that visual art is not just about capturing the image in front of you, it's about being present and understanding the subject.Joaquim's bicultural background and extensive travels have honed his journalist's eve and humanist heart, developing a sensitivity to his subiects and their moments that respects how and when it is appropriate to tell a visual story.A picture can be one thousand words in any language. One can respond to the image(s) regardless of language or background, interfacing deeply and personally with the story.